Rakha recognises social and environmental responsibility as an integral part of the brand strategy and practice.




Ethically Sourced

Our materials are carefully sourced from partners who share our values. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by continually reviewing and improving our sustainability performance. We aim to support People and the Planet throughout our manufacturing process. 


Made with Sustainable Materials

We aim to work only with green manufacturers and suppliers with established environmental management systems, standards and certifications. Limiting the carbon impact, waste and water management of our operations. We aim to use only virgin biological or biological recycled materials for our garments. This approach is to ensure that whatever we design and put out there all our products should leave a minimal negative impact.  This is the main phase of a products life-cycle where we can ensure circular design and product development is implemented on an optimum level to enable circularity on further life-cycle phases where we have less control of.

This is a holistic approach where we consider all components in a product. In doing this we aim to ensure that only biological materials are used at the beginning when we design and develop all our garments.


Reduce reuse recycle  

Our Approach to Circularity

Rakha’s approach to circularity starts right at the beginning of life at the design and development stage. Through the use of circular supplies consisting of virgin biological or biological recycled materials. We aim to create a circular supply chain to ensure everything becomes a feedstock for their next life-cycle. This will be further improved once a take-back programme is implemented in order to keep the materials in the loop for as long as possible.

We reduce water and waste by working with factories which have water treatment plants and are able to clean and re-cycle their wastewater to be used over and over again, some of our factories have carbon off-setting programmes which neutralise their carbon emissions. 

We reduce our waste by using only bio-degradable materials which dissolve in landfill within months. The list of materials we use are as follows: 


- Organic Cotton (GOTS certified)

- Organic Peace Silk  (GOTS certified)   

- Silk (Oeko-Tex certified dyed with GOTS certified dyes)

 - Linen  (Oeko-Tex certified dyed with GOTS certified dyes)

-Organic Merino Wool (GOTS certified)  

- Cupro (GRS & VEGAN certified)

- Viscose (Lenzing certified)  

- Tencel  (Lenzing certified)  


- Cradle to Cradle certified elastic ribbons  

- Corozo Buttons (made from palm tree seeds)

- Coconut Buttons  

- Mother of Pearl Buttons  


- Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton   

- GOTS Certified Cotton  

Swing Tags & Packaging

-Bagasse Paper (made from sugar cane 0% Tree) Swing Tags 

- FSC Certified Paper shopping bag

- Recycled Paper mailing bag

-Bagasse (made from sugar cane 0% Tree)  mailing bags 

- GOTS certified Shopper Tote bags



 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN 

Our work at Rakha is very much aligned with some of the SDG goals set by the UN. 

We are determined to take responsibility for every piece of garment we produce. Not only in our supply chain but also by considering the whole life-cycle of each garment made. Which is why we aim to ensure that everything designed and produced can be fed back in the system either as a technical or as a biological nutrients. We are determined to work with partners who share our value for people and planet. Our goal is to help promote sustainable and ethical fashion in all of the countries that we operate in.

We're a proud member of 1% For the Planet. Learn More.