About Rakha

While fashion is transient, our ethos is drawn from the classics: understated, contemporary garments. Rakha does not follow seasons or trends but rather focuses on re-designing those classic pieces. The brands' approach to sustainability is through creating garments made from virgin bio-based or recycled biological materials. We aim to achieve a closed loop system where everything is either a technical or biological nutrition for their next life-cycle phase.


Current linear production processes place economic gains above environmental and ethical considerations, causing large amounts of waste and pollution threatening people and our planet. Rakha was created with the idea of re-defining classics, considering design for longevity and the materials in mind to ensure that a circular approach is taken from the design stage and carried throughout all of the supply chain processes with a Life Cycle Thinking approach.



Social and environmental responsibility is an integral part of our brand’s strategy and practice. We strive to work with innovative materials and processes. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and working with partners who share our values. By continually reviewing and improving our sustainability performance we aim to encourage our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.



We aim to work only with green manufacturers, with established environmental management systems, standards and certifications, limiting the carbon impact, waste and water management of our operations. Only recycled or biodegradable materials are used to create our garments.

Rakha tries to ensure that only mono-non mixed materials are used in order to increase the chances of the garments either being recycled into new materials or products or returned to the environment as biological nutritions.