In The Circle

Created in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, our In The Circle collection is designed exclusively from mono-organic materials that require minimum disassembly for their next life cycle. This means that any garments included in the collection naturally decompose as nutrients shortly after being disposed of in a truly closed-circle process. 

In addition to being environmentally friendly, this collection works to promote social sustainability in an increasingly turbulent world. 

A percentage of the profit from every In The Circle garment sale will go to Tiafi, a refugee charity in Syria that trains vulnerable women in the art of garment making. These skills are life-changing as they provide women with the opportunity to support their families and sustain themselves independently. 

Made from 100% organic and organic cotton sewing yarn, this majestic collection combines classic, elegant colours with high quality materials to provide versatile, breathable outfits that will stand out in any season while proving an inspiration to designers who wish to create a better world.

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